People start to heal the moment they feel heard~ Cheryl Richardson

You want to be heard – you feel lost in the maze of the current, complex healthcare system. Our approach is personalized and holistic, encompassing all health modalities, including functional and integrative.

An iRNPA by your side ensures that YOU are the central focus of your healthcare. Working collaboratively with all your doctors, your iRNPA ensures the safest and most effective treatments possible for you.

You will become an active and knowledgeable participant in your own care. This tremendously improves your safety and chances of the best outcome within the medical system.

Learn about your medications and their potential risks with your iRNPA.

You have a family member living at home or in a facility in Southwest Florida, and are not able to be there as much as you would like.  You would like someone there to advocate for the well-being of that family member.

You know life’s ups and downs are not temporary, but are part of the human experience.  You just want to learn to experience them from a position of strength rather than overwhelm.