The most important thing about getting somewhere is starting right where we are~ Bruce Barton


As facilitators of Roots Wellbeing© Services, we develop programs around the needs of our clients.  Roots Wellbeing is a comprehensive program designed to educate and coach the essential elements of being human and human wellbeing.

Human beings have succeeded in learning hundreds of languages to communicate with each other, yet we have lost the ability to understand the language that our body, mind and spirit utilizes to communicate with us.

This very simple language that tells us when to rest and recharge, when and how to work and create, what and how much to eat and drink, and how to move and play, can be easily relearned and developed.

This program will help you understand:

  • how to enhance your natural born wellbeing and resilience

  • how to foster a strengths-based approach to cultivate wellbeing of mind, body and spirit

  • how wellbeing is relevant at work, rest and play

  • how best to effectively learn and deal with change and internal and external daily stressors

Roots Wellbeing is an 8 week program that can also be delivered in the following ways:

  • Tailor-Made Wellbeing Programs

  • Webinars & Power Hours

  • Seminars & Retreats

  • Corporate wellbeing services in combination with patient advocacy services

  • Consulting on building healthy work environments


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